Alkrino s.r.o. innovates the common use of polyethylene and provides an alternative to traditional ice surfaces. Users practically cannot tell the difference between natural ice and ICE-PLASTIC and so they can enjoy their favourite sport all year round comfortably and without feeling cold.

The operating costs of ICE-PLASTIC are essentially zero, as there is no need to use cooling equipment. Save energy and the environment with ICE-PLASTIC.

Unique Interlocking System

Installation of the whole rink is very fast and simple due to the interlocking system of ICE-PLASTIC, which holds individual boards together without any grooves or bumps and creates seamless joints. Moreover, you can form a synthetic surface of any shape and size indoors as well as outdoors.


  • Skating experience like on real ice
  • Weather-proof including UV protection
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Reusable, dismountable, portable
  • Unique interlocking system
  • Logos and ads can be placed on the surface


We recommend placing the synthetic surface on any solid and flat ground. When installed outdoors, it is recommended to keep the minimum slope for rainwater runoff.
Simply sweep or vacuum the surface after every use. It needs to be washed with water once or twice a month and cleaned with a pressure washer about once a year. The need for maintenance depends on the level of use and weather conditions. For outdoor installation we recommend covering the synthetic surface when not in use.
The lifespan of the plastic boards amounts to years and depends on the intensity of use and frequency of maintenance. In general, thicker boards have a longer lifespan. When used for figure skating the lifespan is shorter.